Planning Committee
Thursday, 7th February 2019 at 10:00am 









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1 Apologies
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  1. Cllr David Smith
2 Declarations of Interest in Accordance with Standing Order No. 16
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3 Minutes of the meeting held on 4 October 2018
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4 b) Cotes Hall Farm, Cotes Lane, Swynnerton, Stone - S.18/04/4124 W
5 The First Review of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Joint Waste Local Plan (2010 - 2026)
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  1. Mr Julie Castree-Denton
  2. Julie Castree-Denton
  3. Cllr David Smith
  4. Cllr Paul Snape
  5. Mike Grundy
  6. Cllr David Smith
  7. Cllr Julia Jessel
  8. Cllr David Smith
  9. Cllr Julia Jessel
  10. Cllr David Smith
  11. Cllr John Cooper
  12. Mike Grundy
  13. Cllr David Smith
  14. Cllr Trevor Johnson
  15. Cllr Trevor Johnson
  16. Cllr Trevor Johnson
  17. Mr Julie Castree-Denton
  18. Cllr David Smith
  19. Cllr Alastair Little
  20. Mike Grundy
  21. Cllr David Smith
  22. Cllr David Brookes
  23. Cllr David Smith
  24. Cllr Mike Worthington
  25. Cllr David Smith
7 Planning, Policy and Development Control - Half Year Performance Report
8 Decisions taken under Delegated Powers
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  1. Cllr David Smith
  2. Cllr David Smith
  3. Cllr David Brookes
  4. Cllr Paul Snape
  5. Cllr David Smith
9 Exclusion of the public
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  1. Webcast Finished
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